09 Feb 2015

Nurse Surgical Assistant at Prince of Wales Private Hospital

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As most of you know it is common practice in Australia to have a doctor assist the obstetrician at caesarean sections. Indeed this practice is generally viewed as compulsory (although in the UK and NZ I often found myself performing a Caesar assisted only by the scrub nurse) and there are times when another pair of experienced hands can be very useful.

You will also be aware that surgical assistants at Prince of Wales Private Hospital will send you a bill for their services. Depending upon the time of day (or night) these doctors can charge anywhere from around $600 up to $1,000 (or occasionally more) to assist at your caesarean and you will usually get around $150 back from your Medicare and your Health Fund.

There is now a nursing surgical assistant at Prince of Wales Private Hospital called Cynthia Labi. Cynthia is an extremely capable assistant and I use her frequently. If Cynthia assists at your caesarean she will bill you a flat rate of $300. Because she is a nurse you will not be able to claim for her fee from either Medicare or your Health Fund but please note that you will be financially better off than if we used a doctor assistant – your out of pocket expense will be less than if a doctor assisted.


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