09 Aug 2011

Hospital Tours with Rob Buist Obstetrics…

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Hospital Tours with Rob Buist Obstetrics…

…are not as much fun as wine tours of France or culinary tours of Italy. Nonetheless they are an important part of having a baby in the eastern suburbs.

A hospital tour is a really good idea if you are yet to make up your mind which hospital you want to give birth in or if you have already decided and would like to check out the hospital of your choice.

Every two months – labours and births permitting – I personally conduct a tour of the relevant parts of The Royal Hospital for Women and The Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

For both hospitals the tour includes:
Coming to the hospital, parking and checking in,
The Delivery Unit,
The Postnatal Wards, and
The premature baby unit

These tours are free and you are welcome to join them even if you are not one of my patients (or I suppose its an inexpensive way of checking me out if you haven’t chosen your obstetrician yet). However you do need to book for the tours and you can do so by contacting Melanie at melanie@robbuist.com

The tours will always be at 10.30 am Saturday and the next tour will begin at 10.30 am on Saturday 27th August 2011

14 Jun 2011

CALL ME – Anytime!

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I have had a bit of a problem lately with my patients not calling me when they either go into labour or encounter significant problems during their pregnancy. They have rung the hospital, pharmacists or whomever – anyone but me! While I appreciate their kindness in not ringing me a great many problems can easily be sorted out with a phone call directly to me.

I always tell my patients the story about the woman who rang me at 11 pm to ask if she could eat a four day old chicken salad (not on your life!). Don’t call me about those types of things (an e mail will usually suffice) but DO call me – or at least SMS me – if you are experiencing any unusual or concerning symptoms, your baby is not moving well or you are going into labour. If I don’t pick up then by all means ring the delivery unit at the hospital you are going to give birth in but this will be a comparatively rare event and I will usually have returned your call within a short time frame.

This advice also applies after your birth. I still have patients go to the Emergency Department with mastitis when I could have treated them much more easily.

At the end of the day I recognise that you pay thousands for your obstetric care and I wish to provide you with the type of service that justifies your outlay.

13 Apr 2011


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Last Wednesday afternoon (i.e. in broad daylight) I was driving from my office to see a woman in labour when I was bumped from behind in Barker St. I jumped out of my car only to find two guys waving baseball bats at me and demanding my car keys (I have – had – a little BMW). Of course I complied and handed them over immediately and away they went in my beautiful car. My wallet and phone were also in the car

The extremely helpful professional detectives from Maroubra Police Station think my car will be used in a robbery then burned and dumped so I am not optimistic about its return.

Anyway I managed to give the Police their statement then deliver Lyla – a 4.65 kg baby – by an emergency caesarean that evening. And I’d like to thank Lyla’s father Roy for the loan of $50 for some taxi fares.

Life is not  dull…

17 Mar 2011

Antenatal and Birthing Classes at Rob Buist Obstetrics

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I’m pleased to announce that my midwifery colleague Allison Cummins and I will shortly be providing Antenatal and Birthing Classes at Rob Buist Obstetrics. We will be providing a complete set of birthing classes that will help you prepare for the birth of your baby or babies. Please check out the details of these courses in the Services section of my website. The first courses will begin in May of this year.

The classes are open to anyone (although I suppose being pregnant would help) – and you do not need to be a patient of mine to attend them.

Contact Rebekah at my office (rebekah@robbuist.com) to make an enquiry or book into a class.

And watch this space – we will shortly be announcing information sessions regarding a wide range of seminars on a number of topics relating to pregnancy and childbirth


16 Nov 2010

Our first day at Bondi Junction – 2nd August 2010

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I took a few photos of our new offices on our first day over here. They look quite bare and you can see that Rebekah had a stressful day but everyone else – patients, joiners and the IT guys – all had a good time.

16 Nov 2010

Keith Richards at Rob Buist Obstetrics!

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Yesterday I visited the fantastic exhibition of Rock and Roll photographs by Tony Mott at the Blender Gallery ( www.tonymott.com.au www.blender.com.au ). I wound up buying a good sized framed photo of Keith Richards in action (no shirt, guitar, cigarette and all). Now my wife has banned “Any more Rolling Stones s**t” from the house and I don’t have (or want) a pool room so the photo will need to go up in my waiting room. Not exactly sending out a healthy lifestyle message, am I?


16 Nov 2010

Shopping around for an obstetrician

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It makes a lot of sense to check out more than one obstetrician before embarking on one of the most important therapeutic relationships of your life. I believe most women choose an obstetrician on the advice of a friend or family member or – less commonly in my experience – their GP or other health professional. Even then many women – wisely in my view – develop a short list and then go to see more than one obstetrician in order to check them out before making a final decision. Read more