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Hydration for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

I have been thinking about drinks and hydration in pregnancy lately. There don’t seem to be many healthy options out there for pregnant women so in my spare time (ha ha) I have been working on a healthy hydration drink for pregnant women. It is called Aqua Mamma and its coming very soon – watch […]

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I’m well aware that having a baby in the private system is an expensive exercise, even with Medicare and Health Insurance. As I have explained previously neither organisation contributes a great deal to doctors’ fees in maternity (and given the prospective size of the Federal Budget Deficit I wouldn’t hold out any hope of an […]

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I know it’s only Rock and Roll…

I know it’s only Rock and Roll… But I really like it. Almost by mistake I discovered that my favourite superannuitants, The Rolling Stones, are embarking on a tour of North America. As the long rumoured tour dates in Australia have not been announced (and may not be announced) I’m off to see them in […]

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